1/100 MG Kampfer [Knight]

So I am working on this amongst all the other stuff I'm doing at the moment! I'd say it's about 50% built, and the paint job will be pretty straight forward. Though I am gonna have a go at the zig zag camo as I think it really suits the curves of the kit. I need to think of a way to do it so that it all matches up, though. I will be entering this in to Mecha Lounge's CHAOS Group Build if it's done in time!

I saw this Kampfer with a red shoulder a while ago, and I think it worked really well so I'm going to try and do something like that, but make it into what I'm calling a 'chapter badge' like on Space Marines. I'm sure they're called something like 'house colours' on Knights, but it's basically the markings that identify the knights allegiance.

Also, one more thing to note - the 'Knight' theme basically came about when I lost the Kampfer's weapons (all of them) when I moved house (facepalm!) so I had to build a whole new set of weapons. And I had just started playing Dark Souls at the time and I really like the Black Knights with the Halberds....... Stay tuned!

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