Out And About - Film Photography

This is my first stab at film photography on my Pentax P30t that I got on ebay for £20. It's really exciting waiting for the film to be developed! I'm really pleased with how they came out generally, although they're quite grainy which I don't understand because the film's ISO 100 which should be nice and smooth. Bad quality film? Also, taking photos of the sky with Black & White film seems to be generally pointless as I seem to be losing all the definition of the clouds etc. depending on the exposure. I think the next roll I'll focus more on portraits, especially with the 50mm lens I'm using. It's really fun though!

Runaround Sketch

A lunchtime sketch I did yesterday based on these big rideable driods that are described in the story 'Runaround' in iRobot. I think. I read it a while ago.


Ctrl+Create: CORE

I have just started a new thing with my good friend Tomas called Ctrl+Create. The blog isn't public yet but the aim is to produce work based on weekly themes with a focus on starting the piece through traditional mediums. So this is the first week, 'Core', and I've used a 3D underlay that I've hand drawn over and used different textures scanned in to overlay in Photoshop. I'm hoping this will help me loosen up a bit and start to do things less rigidly. I also want to start screen printing and selling them so that may come as a result of this. I'll link the website once it's got a good body of work on it, but I'll post the weekly work up here too.


PG 1/60 RX 78-2 WIP4

Slowly getting there. Just the arms and weapons to go now, and I need to streak and pigment the torso and head. Lots of cool stuff coming up, I just need to get round do finishing all these projects! I'm at a point in my life where I don't really know what I'm doing any more so creativity has taken a big hit recently. Got all these things I want to do but I've just got no motivation :( Anyway, here's some progress.

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