Mobile Gun Emplacement

Another mech type thing - nothing special, although I am becoming more confident in rendering in Photoshop. This took no time at all really, just took an old sketch and rendered it using the methods I've learned over at Feng Zhu's Design CinemaI'll keep sketching and messing about like this, but I think the whole grey background concept stuff is a bit limited. My new years resolution will be to really focus on my painting and to learn anatomy and environments and put all I know about composition and perspective etc. to good use. I also really need to get better at working out how light works and stuff like that. I really don't draw enough at the moment.

The idea is that this thing gets up on two legs an can run forward at speed, then it drops back onto its supporting legs when it needs to fire, becoming a gun emplacement. I'll draw a little sequence to explain this at some point. Below is the original sketch, it's a bit basic but it gave me what I needed for the render.


1/100 MG Freedom Gundam Ver. Gav

UPDATE 14.12.11: - Featured on DC23 Mecharts.com!

This was an old model that I had kicking around from when I was 17, much like my Wing Zero Custom! It was really satisfying breathing life into this old model. It didn't take too long compared to my other models, but that's because I didn't do anything drastic and I've learnt a lot from previous builds. 


1/60 Broken Blade Eltemus

UPDATE 17.11.11: Featured on DC23 Mecharts.com!

Not really happy with this one, but I think it's a lesson learned. It's only my third model, and I think I jumped in at the deep end with the weathering techniques. Although, I know exactly what I did wrong on a lot of it, so next time I try some weathering I'll definitely do a better job.


Remember Remember

Fireworks night! Took these at the Hove Cricket Ground display that we went to. Didn't take my tripod because of the amount of people there, but got a few good handheld shots. Although I would love to shoot fireworks with a bit of a slow exposure.


The Knight - Process

So I thought I'd post up how I went from thumbnail to finished concept painting. I'm still new to all this myself, so I'm still refining my own process and style, but this is how I got through this one.


1/100 MG Freedom Progress

In my effort to document progress more frequently, here's a small update for some of the small mods for the Freedom.

Some holes to put a bit of detail into the panels, I saw something like this on a MG Unicorn on HKML.com. Mine is obviously less impressive but it's a nice idea. Going to be subtle with it, it's easy to go a bit mad with the pin-drill vice. 


The Knight

Another robot type thing. I didn't want it to literally have a horse like a Knight, so I tried to incorporate something in to give that impression without going with the generic centaur look.

I might post the sketches that led up to this drawing, because it's interesting to see it go from thumbnail to final idea. I do need to speed up doing this stuff to be honest..

I really want to get into doing full on paintings but I need to practice more. There's no time!


I won European Gunpla Cup!

Normally I wouldn't blog something without posting any work or progress, but I thought this worth putting up here! I recently entered my Sinanju into the Mech Art Forum's European Gunpla Cup, not really expecting anything to come of it as it was my first ever kit and there where some really strong entries, but I entered nonetheless.


Night Beach Abstract

Some poncy abstract shots doing things like zooming in and going out of focus during exposure. Last image is the original shot.

Night Beach

First time doing long exposures with my tripod. I actually took these about two months ago but didn't think they where that good so I left them. Looking at them now they're not so bad for a first try! Learnt a lot though, definitely need a remote shutter control to stop camera shake. I would also love a set of ND filters and a set of Grads to play around with..


1/100 MG Freedom Gundam

I should really do some modelling.. But here's another colour scheme! These colours are based on what I had lying around left over from my other builds. I'm actually really pleased with it, so I'm going to get cracking on it asap. I've already started modding the Freedom's awful shield, and putting details into the armour and stuff like that, but more of that in another post. For now, here's the scheme.


1/100 MG Strike Rouge

So here's my take on the Strike Rouge Gundam. I hated the wishy-washy dull pink of the original, so I brightened it up a bit. The white might also turn to light grey, but I'm not sure yet. I also though I'd give the hexagon thing a go to break up all that dark pink. Updates to come! I'll try and take more WIP photos as I go, really need to record my progress a bit more!


1/60 Broken Blade Eltemus Progress

So I got this cheap off HLJ, really liked the design of it, especially the legs and the torso. The arms are a bit boxy and the head is a bit big for my liking, but it was like £12, so I can't complain. I've decided to use this for my first go at weathering, namely the infamous hairspray technique. As it was a bit of a test piece I decided to not mod it and just crack on with painting it.


Lewes Wind

Some quick photos I took by Lewes Golf Course. The weather wasn't great so I tried to keep the sky out of the compositions. Took these with my 50mm manual prime, hence the slightly out of focus look. The last three images are handheld long-ish exposures to try and capture the wind.


Humanoid Driod

So this is my first attempt at doing a painted thing without lines to hold the forms.. It was hard, but I'm quite pleased with the result.


1/100 MG Wing Zero Custom Ver. Gav

Finished another one. This model was both fun to do and a pain in the arse. Although I learned a lot, which is all I can hope for at this stage!


The Engineer

So I finished rendering this thing.. I tried out putting in a light source to add contrast in the colours but I think it came out too cloudy.


Park In The Sun

Went to Preston Park on the bankholiday weekend just gone, and had a bit of a play with my 50mm f1.7 prime that I got from a second hand shop a while ago. These are all at about f2.0 and the lens is a Manual focus. The photograph of the girl is my beautiful fiance Hannah. And her Muffin.


The Engineer Line Work

So I forgot about this for a while because I just couldn't get the perspective of the legs to look right, but then I came up with the idea to use a blocked out 3D framework to get the pose, angle and perspective roughed out so I could concentrate on the design. I know this is cheating a bit but until I get a bit better at drawing it does the job. I think I only had problems because of the four almost identicle legs, anything less complicated I can draw freehand, so I'm not a complete retard.


Stalker Drone 129

Second digital concept painting.. Again just used an old line drawing and started to render it with values at first, then working in the light direction then using textures and grunge to give it the look I like to go for. I'd like to get to a point where I can just paint digitally without having to rely in linework, but it's just concept art for now until I get a bit more confident! This is only my second peice of finished work to be fair.


West Pier Blue

Same day but with different white balance. Thought they deserved their own post as they don't match the other set.


West Pier

Spent the afternoon on the beach on Saturday to watch the sun go down, as you don't often see the sun in England... I took my camera and shot some pictures with my kit lense. In my opinion, the West Pier is one of the most beautiful structures along the south coast, one of my favourite places to be in Brighton (much more pleasent if the weather is warm, mind).

1/100 MG Wing Zero Custom Progress

Just thought I'd up some progress of my Wing Zero, as currently it's in progress posts are a bit pitiful (due to the fact I'm very bad at taking in progress photographs...)



1/100 MG Sinanju

Finally... This is my first ever model, completed at long last! Started this in August last year! It's just taken so long to sort everything out, whilst learning to use an airbrush, learning about paint thinning, learning about the order in which you have to do things.


Devil's Dyke

Went to Devil's Dyke in Brighton last weekend, took some pictures. Looking at composition mostly, as it's not hard to get a nice looking photo of a sunset...!

Train Tracks

Took these on a misty morning in February this year, I like the parallel lines of the tracks and how the light reflects off them. I also like the depth that the mist creates... Again these are more of an experiment, I still don't really know how to take good photos confidently! Again all these are on Manual, I don't like the Auto setting on my camera.


The Engineer

New concept I'm working on in order to practice my digital painting. He's called The Engineer, and he goes round fresh battlefields in some far future building his army of mismatched undead mechs out of fallen soldiers and wrecked machinery. So he's got lots of tools and extendable arms and pistons. He could even be a bit 'junkbot' himself, where he's fixed himself or added new limbs etc.

Obviously it's just a silhouette at the moment, but I've just drawn up the perspective so should post a rendering soon.. Time's not on my side at the moment.

More to come.


Trees & Mist

Took these on the way to work thismorning, around just after Haywards Heath train station. I'm quite pleased with them, as I'm a big fan of trees.. And mist.. Enjoy.


New Camera Experiments

A bit of a detour from what I planned this blog for, but here are some landscapes I shot whilst trying out the manual settings on my new camera. 

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