1/60 Broken Blade Eltemus

UPDATE 17.11.11: Featured on DC23 Mecharts.com!

Not really happy with this one, but I think it's a lesson learned. It's only my third model, and I think I jumped in at the deep end with the weathering techniques. Although, I know exactly what I did wrong on a lot of it, so next time I try some weathering I'll definitely do a better job.

First thing that went wrong was I did the legs first, and the body/arms etc. last. So that meant when I cocked up the top half by putting too many layers of paint over the hairspray, the chipping effect came out totally different. I've tried to blend it all in with the oil washes etc. but I'm not sure I pulled it off. 

The weathering is way too over the top, this thing has seen some harsh times! It looks out of scale maybe? I think the rust looks rubbish, tried to use pigments but that went totally wrong so went to using oils. I rushed it a bit I think so it hasn't come out too good. I think one of the main issues is I didn't refer to photo references when doing this, so I'll make sure to do that next time.

I also made the stupid decision to not put decals. So when I'd top coated it all ready for finishing it looked rubbish and I couldn't figure out why! I'll never forget decals again, for me they just add that next level of detail and scale. I had to go round applying decals on top of the weathering and post-weather them to make them blend in to the rest of the model.

I almost gave up with this halfway through, but my partner Hannah made me work into it and finish it because I guess she saw the potential and knew how much I'd learned from doing this model. So if it wasn't for Hannah this would be in a landfill by now!

All in all I'm not happy with the end result, but I learned a lot doing this model so it was worth finishing. Trying to improve my photography techniques too!

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