Dark Vengeance 01 - Deathwing Terminators

This is the start of the 'something special' I've been working on - it's back on the Warhammer!

I bought the Dark Vengeance starter set a while ago because 1) I just had a really strong urge to play some Warhammer, something which I cannot explain as I'm very bad at it. And 2) Because there's some really cool models in this set, something that usually lacks in the Games Workshop starter games from what I can remember.


Sideswipe Paint Over

So it's taken a bit of time but I think I've finally gotten somewhere with this Maquette paintover thing I started a while ago. It was a lot harder than I expected it to be, partly because I had a shallow depth of focus in the image so a lot of the shapes where blurred out. I also had to add things like the belly pan to make the shape work because as I worked into the image I realised that the design wasn't working in its original form. 

The front has completely changed, because those 4 headlamp things looked too much like eyes and I couldn't get away from that once I saw it! I've tried to unify the whole thing and make it look like a whole vehicle and not a mish-mash of parts by adding panels and connecting some of the original parts. I'll try and do a WIP soon, mainly because it was an interesting process for me and one I learned a lot from. I'll also be posting up my next one of these, which started life as a fairly detailed Blackout helicopter. Stay tuned!



Sorry for the long delay between posts, a lot has happened in the last 6 weeks! I have registered as a Limited Company, so I'm all proper and professional now. Will post a link to my website when it's all up and running. 

I also managed to get a job teaching Photoshop and 3D Studio Max on a game design course at a college here in Brighton, so hopefully I'll be able to do that one day a week along side running the company. As well as all that we've been at Download Festival for 5 days, rocking out to some sweet metal music, so I haven't really had the chance to update with anything creative! 

For now, here's some photos I took with my Macro lens when we went to watch the battle re-enactments on May bank holiday weekend at Arundel Castle. Enjoy!

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