2012 - In Review/ 2013 - The Plan

2012 was a rubbish year - apart from getting married and winning Mecha 2012! I'm pleased with winning the competition but it consumed 7 months of the year so there really wasn't a lot of time to do anything else. With the false starts in my personal life on accommodation and employment (both of which seem to have sorted themselves out now, thankfully) I didn't make as much progress as I'd have liked. 


1/60 G-System Zaku II: WIP 1

So I made a bit of a start on my Zaku.

It was a bit daunting at first but once I got into the swing of it it's actually really fun working out where to drill the holes and the best places to pin bits together. Trimming down all the parts and cleaning them up is a bit long winded but is very satisfying.
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