If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

Hannah and I went with my stepdad to this bit of woodland that he manages one afternoon last month - here's a few interesting photos I took. I would have taken more photos, there's a lot of lovely stuff in the woods, but I was too busy enjoying myself! The skull is a deer skull I believe, very interesting stuff. Hannah took the photo of the spider web, which I really like. 


1/100 MG Kampfer [Knight] WIP1

I've been working on this for quite a while and I just want to get it finished! It was initially for the MechaLounge Group Build but I didn't have time to finish it due to work commitments. I've made quite a lot of progress over the past few days, but here's the photos I have of it from start to its current state.

I've started using my iPhone4S to take WIP photos - I'll always use my SLR for the final shoot, but for WIPs the iPhone is incredible. I can't believe the quality of the pictures! It makes life so much easier in terms of recording progress. Provided there's good light, that is.

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