1/100 MG Kampfer [Knight] WIP1

I've been working on this for quite a while and I just want to get it finished! It was initially for the MechaLounge Group Build but I didn't have time to finish it due to work commitments. I've made quite a lot of progress over the past few days, but here's the photos I have of it from start to its current state.

I've started using my iPhone4S to take WIP photos - I'll always use my SLR for the final shoot, but for WIPs the iPhone is incredible. I can't believe the quality of the pictures! It makes life so much easier in terms of recording progress. Provided there's good light, that is.

I got the iPhone around the time I was seam filling with Mr.Surfacer 500, so here's where the WIP starts! I will now pretty much exclusively use Mr.Surfacer 500 for small seams and gaps because it's just brilliant. Here you can see the application, then after sanding, and then when the final coat of primer was added (Mr.Surfacer 1200, which is also a joy to use).

A I used a warm dark base coat and used pre-shading to apply the first colour over the base coat, which was a cold dark grey. I then used a crap load of masking tape for the zig zag stripes. I was thinking about not doing the zig zags because it looked so damn hard, but I'm glad I went ahead with it as I think it has come out really well. 

As you can see I have built the panels up around the primed internals in order to get the stripes lined up correctly. I will then paint the internals after the panels are done. I did it this way round so I didn't have the hassle of masking off the internals as well as everything else. There are 4 (rather large) pieces left to mask, then I'll need to do a tiny bit of post shading to tie in the stripes with the rest of the kit. Then it's on to gloss coating and decals. I may weather this slightly but I'm not sure yet.

Here's a sneaky peek of the shield I'm building. It's made from the panels off an old 1/100 HG Deathscythe model I had lying around. It's very rough at the moment but I plan on sorting that out next!

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