1/100 MG Kampfer [Knight] WIP2

Nearly finished! The whole thing is painted and put together except for the weapon and shield. I'm not showing the whole thing yet, but here's some progress photos that I managed to take after decals and whilst doing the final construction.

I bought some Samuel Decals for this build, but I really wasn't impressed with them this time round. The caution signs where way too big and out of scale and the decals just kept falling apart. In the end I used some Bandai 1/144 Sinanu decals I bought a while ago, which are a lot sharper and add a really nice level of detail to the large curved surfaces.

Please excuse the dust on the pieces! My workspace could really do with a clean...

I used this stuff for the panel lines. As the colours are quite dark I decided I could get away with not using an oil wash. You just paint it on and rub off the excess when it's dry. I found the edges in crevices don't look too good when you use this on lighter models, the edge becomes jagged when you wipe, but on dark models it works fine. It also works well on metallic internals.

I used some metal springs that I had lying around from the Sazabi build instead of that horrible braided hose that you get with the kit. Final photoshoot to follow!

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