I won European Gunpla Cup!

Normally I wouldn't blog something without posting any work or progress, but I thought this worth putting up here! I recently entered my Sinanju into the Mech Art Forum's European Gunpla Cup, not really expecting anything to come of it as it was my first ever kit and there where some really strong entries, but I entered nonetheless.


Night Beach Abstract

Some poncy abstract shots doing things like zooming in and going out of focus during exposure. Last image is the original shot.

Night Beach

First time doing long exposures with my tripod. I actually took these about two months ago but didn't think they where that good so I left them. Looking at them now they're not so bad for a first try! Learnt a lot though, definitely need a remote shutter control to stop camera shake. I would also love a set of ND filters and a set of Grads to play around with..


1/100 MG Freedom Gundam

I should really do some modelling.. But here's another colour scheme! These colours are based on what I had lying around left over from my other builds. I'm actually really pleased with it, so I'm going to get cracking on it asap. I've already started modding the Freedom's awful shield, and putting details into the armour and stuff like that, but more of that in another post. For now, here's the scheme.
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