1/100 MG Sinanju

Finally... This is my first ever model, completed at long last! Started this in August last year! It's just taken so long to sort everything out, whilst learning to use an airbrush, learning about paint thinning, learning about the order in which you have to do things.

With so much to consider, I've not had a chance to do anything like seam lines, but the way it's designed by Bandai they all kind of look like they're supposed to be there as panel lines. Also this is completley standard, being my first kit I didn't want to get bogged down with mods.

I very stupidly decided that it would be a good idea to do my first ever model in a candy coat - big mistake.. Although I'm quite pleased with the result, I made a lot of mistakes and it required so many coats of paint and topcoat, it really damaged my morale and I got really disheartened halfway through. After primer there's the gloss black, then the silver, then the red coat, then the topcoat, then the decals and panel lines, then the final topcoat.

All decals are the stupid rub-ons you get with the kit, the waterslides I couldn't get hold of. I cocked up the white lines on the left leg, so I had to paint them on by hand with a brush, and luckily it doesn't notice very much.

All in all, this was a mistake to do this as my first kit as it was very daunting and took a long time to complete, I'm now working on my 1/100 MG Wing Zero and can't believe how simple it is compared to the Sinanju. That being said, I have learnt A LOT. Being thrown in at the deep end is sometimes the best way to learn, I've heard.

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