1/100 MG Wing Zero Custom Ver. Gav

Finished another one. This model was both fun to do and a pain in the arse. Although I learned a lot, which is all I can hope for at this stage!

This was a great model to do (much simpler than the Sinanju), that is until I got to the wings... Those rubber tips are awful, you can't sand them easily and the paint cracks if you accidentally bend them (luckily that only happened once). Also, I don't know how, the paint went all bobbly on the wings prompting lots of sanding and frustration.

I put too much yellow light in the photos, and the white background might not have been a good idea. Not good for a white model - also a lesson learnt. 

My philosiphy that I've developed for this hobby is to try something new with each new model. This model I did the following for the first time: Masking, scratch building (the sword), waterslides, panel lining and a custom colour scheme.

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