Blackout Automated Fighter Drone

Here's the Photoshop overlay of the Maquette Building 02 post. I've made the design more angular and added some photo elements here and there, but again the original photography of the Maquette was very helpful in setting up the lighting etc.

Rhino Unit - Custom Brush Abstractions 01

I was messing around with some custom brushes I found (Steambot Structural Brushes) and started seeing shapes and designs emerge after putting down a couple of strokes. Here's the first one I've sort of rendered - it's still a bit abstract but I could easily use this information to draw a 3/4 view with legs or however else it moves.

Click Read more to see the progression! 


1/60 PG RX 78-2 WIP1

Colour scheme done for this, plus some shots of the panel lining I did a while ago. I've moved on to paint but I need to take some progress shots.

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