PG 1/60 RX 78-2 WIP3

Small update on the painting progress. Legs are nearly done. Some of the streaking needs tidying a bit, and I'll do some post shading on the whole kit assembled like this to tie parts together and add more depth. The feet will be muddy (they look a bit odd being so clean when everything's so rusty). Body is primed and awaiting paint, the arms will be tough so I'm going to tackle those last! Really pleased with the way this is turning out.


Mjolnir Unit

Another Friday night sketching session. This was done over a rough 3D underlay, so I could concentrate more on the design and less on getting the perspective right. There's an internal frame and separate armour panels!


1/60 PG RX 78-2 WIP2

Apologies for the shockingly bad photos, but progress on this has been so fast, I've only really been taking quick snapshots of where I'm at. The legs are nearly done, I need to finish the decals and Micro-Sol them, then do the panel lining and flat topcoat them ready for the chipping and rust streaks. So looking forward to that part!

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