Maquette Building 03 [Part 2]

Here are those proper photos. Found a nice place in my new shared house to set up a little photography studio, and I also managed to start airbrushing again today which was really nice after a 4 month hiatus!


Maquette Building 03

This one's kinda more of a kitbash, but I'll keep it under the same title! I had this old Revell 'Classic' kit kicking about that I had planned to use for spare parts with another kit, but the more I played around with it, the more I saw interesting shapes and possibilities in the parts. 

I know this whole 4 legged tank thing has been done before, but I really wanted to see what could be done with an old kit like this. I really like all the military parts, and the details they put into these types of kits. Really nice stuff. Anyway, apologies for the quality of the photos - I need to spray this and then take proper pictures for Photoshop painting.


Brighton Booth Museum

I went to the Booth Museum today. Apparently it's not called that because everything's in big glass booths... Experimenting with some different processing methods in Lightroom.


1/100 Garbaldy [Juggernaut] Scheme

Just finished up the scheme for this. Updates to follow.. the legs are cleaned and primed, just need to put down a base coat. I want to finish my Kampfer and my PG RX 78-2 first though. This will be with lots of decals of course! And I'll be weathering it in the same way as Luca does his kits, though maybe a little less battered. Stay tuned.

Grunt: Armoured Transportation Unit [Sketch]

Finished this in one evening. Felt good to just get the idea down! Based on a rough Sketch I did ages ago in my sketch book. In progress shots attached! I'll render it at some point.

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