1/60 PG Strike Freedom [Icarus Variant] WIP1

Oh look, it's a Perfect Grade Strike Freedom that stands up on its own without that horrible base it comes with!


1/100 Garbaldy [Juggernaut] WIP1

I'm a bit daunted by the warping I need to fix on my Zaku so I stopped that for a bit. I'm supposed to be panel lining my Kampfer but I can't bring myself to do that yet, So I started my Garbaldy.


Strange Objects In The Distance

I'm trying to get a bit of landscape practice in but I can't get any inspiration. This is just messing around with some custom brushes and a colour dodge layer and took about 20 mins. I think there's something in this technique but I do need to do like a hundred of these to try and get better at composition and lighting etc. I'll just put this up here as a reminder to do just that, rather than just remaining forgotten on my hard drive.


Maquette Building 01

So this is a pretty interesting thing I discovered which generates some nice shapes and ideas quickly.

I had this transformer lying around that I got for Christmas a few years ago (yes, I'm 26 years old...), it was the Sideswipe Human Alliance with Sgt. Epps to be exact. I think it was a bit of a joke present, but I liked it! It's been sitting on my desk in car form for a while because it's a bit of a pain to transform. For some reason I started playing around with it the other night and noticed it had some pretty nice parts and interesting joints.

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