Dark Vengeance 01 - Deathwing Terminators

This is the start of the 'something special' I've been working on - it's back on the Warhammer!

I bought the Dark Vengeance starter set a while ago because 1) I just had a really strong urge to play some Warhammer, something which I cannot explain as I'm very bad at it. And 2) Because there's some really cool models in this set, something that usually lacks in the Games Workshop starter games from what I can remember.

I began wanting to quickly airbrush these to get them in play, but when I sprayed the initial colours and started working into some of the details with a brush, I decided I was going to take my time and get them looking really nice.

According to the 40k back story these Terminator suits are 10,000 years old I think, so I put some weathering and rust using inks and then I went in and highlighted the chips to add a bit of detail. I initially started airbrushing with some old Tamiya paints I had left over from other builds, but when I decided I would be adding a lot of detail by hand I had to match up the Tamiya paints to something I could brush on with a paintbrush - because we all know what happens when you try to hand brush paint mixed with Isopropyl (it removes the paint beneath!)

Most of this (and the rest of the set, which is about half painted) is painted using old stuff I had lying around, I had to buy about 8 pots of paint I think, but that's colours I'm using to do the whole Dark Vengeance set.

Anyway, enough talk, here's some models.

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