1/100 MG Freedom Gundam Ver. Gav

UPDATE 14.12.11: - Featured on DC23 Mecharts.com!

This was an old model that I had kicking around from when I was 17, much like my Wing Zero Custom! It was really satisfying breathing life into this old model. It didn't take too long compared to my other models, but that's because I didn't do anything drastic and I've learnt a lot from previous builds. 

The colour scheme was a result of using up old Tamiya paints I had left over from the other builds.

As I've mentioned before, there are fairly minor mods - I changed the shape of the shield and reshaped and did a bit of scratch building on the rifle.

I'm really happy with the pose and the base. The base was my first time pre shading, which was really fun to do so I'll do that on a future model when I get the courage. Trying to get better at using pigments too but I'm too scared to use them on a model.

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