Mecha 2012 - 1/100 MG Sazabi Ver. Gav [Project Hades] WIP 1

Here's some progress on my Mecha 2012 entry. For those of you who don't know, Mecha 2012 is an epic competition running over on the MAC Forums. Tonnes of epic prizes and the best in the world competing. I don't expect to win or anything, but it's a great opportunity to up my game, the competition is pushing me to try new things and really push the boat out. It's a great thing to be a part of, and if you havn't had a look yet, I suggest you check out some of the 300 entries, there's some cracking stuff going on over there.

There has been a distinct lack of progress from me this year. This is due to several things.. We lost our flat, so have been spending the last 6 weekends looking for a new one, which we thankfully have now found. I have also started a new job, which has been tiring me out. I gotta drive 100 miles a day to and from, so I haven't had time to do anything else whilst settling in. Oh, and in the new flat I've got a whole room for model making and painting, so I don't have to use the coffee table any more and might even be able to take some half decent WIP photos!

Anyway, back to my piece of crap entry! Starting off with the Sazabi, I decided I wanted it to be a long range heavy tank like mech, who towers over the battlefield dealing massive long range damage and having super heavy front armour to take all the punishment it will no doubt attract. I went with the theme 'Hades' as I see it being this big purple and black monster with a huuuge long range lance like cannon.

I really wanted to butcher this kit and make it like no other Saz out there. Adding a lot of plates and Milliput. I Love Milliput by the way. Thanks to Julius Plamo's Post on his Sinanju Head Display for pointers on using putty!

I started with the front skirts to get the general shape. Cut out of pla-plate, cut and scored so I could bent it round into the curved shape. That gives me a base onto which I can putty later to bulk it up.

I've slimmed down the feet, and I'll probably make them longer and pointier. The original Saz feet where too bulky and clumpy for me, not evil looking enough! 

At the time I was going to keep the missile launchers on the back, but that's going to change now. Where they are, I'll put some huge fuel canisters for the big heavy gun it's going to be carrying. I'm thinking of keeping with the Hades theme and calling it a 'Dark Lance', or something like that.

This is the recent progress, I took these today. Big bulky front crotch bit, built up over the original using pla-plate and then putty to flesh it out. Lots of sanding and filing. 

Front skirt parts with the putty. Still lots of clean up and detailing to do, but I'm happy with the shape.

I'm going to keep the shape of the leg armour, as it is trademark Sazabi, but I'm going to cut it all up into panels and square some of it off and add lots of detailing.

I'm going to design side skirts to tie the front skirts and the back bit together. I'm having trouble making it not look like it's wearing a big dress at the moment, but I'll figure it out.

Fuel canisters. I need to figure out an attachment for these, and I'll detail them up nicely. There's going to be a big tube attaching this back bit to the lance maybe.

I will change the shape of the shoulders a lot I think, to be either more round or spikier. I'm going to do these next after sorting the general shape of the legs and feet out.

Big back bit. Bulked this up to balance out the front skirts. Needs more putty, finishing and detailing. I'm happy with the general shape.

I cut apart some internals from some old 1/100 HG kits I had. These ball joints are a lot bigger and will better support the weight of the bigger skirts.

Close-ups of the puttying and shapes. I work very messily, I just need to slap together the general shape so I can see it. Then I go in and clean up and detail when I can see it taking shape. I've got lots of Koto detail parts and thin pla-plate ready to detail the hell out of this monster. A month and a half down, four and a half to go.

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