Mecha 2012 - 1/100 MG Sazabi Ver. Gav [Project Hades] WIP 2

It's been a crap couple of months in terms of finding time for Gunpla! I seriously don't think I'm going to get this build done in time for the deadline, bit I'm going to give it my best shot...

I'm really happy with the shape and proportions, there where times where I was about to give up on it because it just wasn't working. I filled in those big vents on it's butt because the whole shape was looking like a face and no matter what I did it wouldn't go away, it looked like a cat at one point... So it required an entire rethink. I'm pretty happy with what I came up with instead. Also, as you can see, Milliput has been very helpful.

This last photo is me using a whole bunch of old parts from a poor HG Heavy Arms, and some of the stuff I've not used in the Sazabi to build up some mechanical parts to the back of the front skirt panels. I'll do the same thing with the side skirts, too.

Next is a whole bunch of detailing - panels, panel lines, rivets. It's going to take a while, but it's the fun part I think. Also need to build the gun, but I couldn't do that until I got all the proportions down of the Saz.

I'm desperate to start painting this thing as that's going to take a while as it is. Really need to finish building it soon! 

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