Mecha 2012 - 1/100 MG Sazabi Ver. Gav [Project Hades] WIP 3 (Big Gun)

Bit of a long one so I'll split into two posts - This one will be about the 'Dark Lance' that I was going on about in the first WIP post. I'm pretty pleased with my stroke of genius to use the shield to form the body of the weapon, as it fits in with the model really well. I had the shield left over as I knew this model would not be using it, and I was thinking for weeks about how I was going to build the massive weapon that this thing needed - it took a while to click but is seemed obvious once I started building. 

Sorry for no step by step photos, I just don't have the time! Here are some shots of it as it is now. I ran out of primer so it's not quite done yet, but I think by next weekend it will be nearly there.

I cut the shield in half and cut some shapes out of it, and I had this weapon left over from the Super Gundam I bought from FitchenFoo when he was having his clearout sale - I cut it in half and attached it to either end of the shield shape.

There's a whole bunch of plastic in the middle to hold it all together, and there's a bunch of detailing parts to jazz it up a bit. I used the fuel canisters from the Sazabi's back (that no longer fit because of his new big ass) to fuel this thing. I was going to use tubes to connect to the Sazabi but in the end I didn't like that idea.

Finally, it's a pretty heavy piece of kit, so I made a joint to attach the gun to the arm. The next step will be to build the armour of the arm into the gun so it looks like it's attached, but it will still be able to detach. I might do that today actually.. When the sun goes down!

Finally, here's how it looks on the torso (the torso is the last part I need to detail, as you can see!) I'm wondering if the barrel needs to be a touch longer?

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