I won Mecha 2012! / Taking a break

Didn't expect this to happen! 

The much anticipated results of the Mecha 2012 competition over at Mechalounge.com have been released. Yesterday Hannah and I took a break from cleaning to huddled around my phone whilst shuffling about in our old empty flat trying to find the spot with the best 3G signal. I've never heard her screech so loudly when they announced my entry as the winning entry for my category (Modified Plastic), and when the the link for mvm3897's best of show came up we where both speechless when he announced my entry as his favourite, and best of show! I've always been a massive fan of Matt's work and he's a real inspiration to me, so for him to pick my model as his favourite means a hell of a lot.

Here are the two videos, I urge you to watch the entire 17 minutes of the announcement video as the other winning entries are spectacular. Decay has also announced the winners on his site with photos, so that's well worth checking out

I just want to thank everyone at Mecha Lounge - The organisers of the competition, Kamm & Sneeper1980. All the other staff that helped organise and moderate the competition, like Harry, Hummingbird & Decay off the top of my head (sorry if I forgot anyone). Also the judges who took their time out to sort through all the hundreds of entries to pick the best ones, and finally all the awesome community members over at Mecha Lounge, it's seriously cool forum to be a part of at the moment. 

Secondly: I'll be taking a bit of a break from Gunpla for a few months. We're currently in temporary accommodation and all my modelling stuff is in storage until we find a proper place to live. I guess this will give me a chance to do some digital painting and photography.

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