Imperial Knight [Truth] WIP1

I've had an Imperial Knight kicking around for about a year now, and I've just not done anything with it. If I'm honest, it's because I've had so many other cool projects to work on, I just put it to the back of the queue. That is until we were having one of our Brighton War Council (check out the blog!) beer nights (meet up in a pub, drink beer and talk about Warhammer 40K and painting!) and we got talking about the Forge World Knights that they do. I was just blown away by these models, they look so cool, and I've got a lot more confidence with resin since working on the Garbaldy.

I thought it would be such an awesome idea for an army to have a few normal Knights and then one of these FW monsters heading up the Detachment. I always struggle with the normal sized miniatures, they take an age to paint, and this seemed like a perfect way for me to get an army together so I can start fielding my own stuff at our BWC gaming events.
I immediately bought the FW Acheron Knight, naturally, and went to my local GW here in Brighton to pick up the Codex and another Knight. I was going to field 5 Knights, but since the new Adeptus Mechanicum army has been released, I think it would be really cool to attach my 3 Knight detachment to a Mechanicum army. I really loved the book 'Mechanicum' from the Horus Heresy series, so this works perfectly.

A quick note on the name - Chaucer's poem 'The Cantebury Tales' contains a part about a Knight who goes around banging on about Truth, Honour and Freedom. So my three Knights will be called just that, because the back story behind the Knights in the Codex is all about medieval style chivalry and family honour etc. This is the first, 'Truth'.

Thought I'd detail my painting process for this - combining my normal mech painting techniques (think Garbaldy and RX) with classic miniature edge highlighting. I was really pleased with the result.

It's always useful to do a few dry fits before painting, here I'm working out what the base will look like. I just used some of those floor tiles from the Games Workshop scenery sets that I had lying around. I'll be doing the same to the other two Knights so that they match up. The earth is just sand, cement and PVA Glue. It takes a while to set, but is really tough and doesn't come off when you paint it. I put too much glue in this mix, but it won't notice when painted and has grass.

The usual process of base coat (warm grey mix from other builds) followed by base colour (Tamiya IJN Grey Green) in a pre shade fashion, then mask off for the red areas to make it feel more Mechanicum. I didn't want a fully red Knight so I went for the House Griffith style colours and added this splash of Vallejo Scarlett Red from their new Game Air range to tie it with the Mechanicum theme. I will say that this time round I was convinced to buy Citadel's Chaos Black primer from the lady at my local GW because for the amount you get it's actually well priced. It went on brilliantly, the coverage is great and the finish is super smooth. I was really surprised. I will be using this primer again! 

All the metal is hand painted, Citadel Warlock Bronze and Runic Brass. They went on really nicely, someone on Instagram even said the brass looked airbrushed! Very nice surprise from Citadel, their old paint range was rubbish. I don't like drybrushing either, so I painted the internal frame in Leadbelcher leaving some of the warm grey coming through in areas.

Next is a gloss coat so I can do the decals. The decal sheet you get with the kit is lovely, and they went on a dream with Micro Sol. Final gloss coat to seal them in ready for the next stage. Stay tuned for part two......

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