Imperial Knight [Truth] WIP2

Here's the second part of my Imperial Knight work in progress. With all the base colours and decals done, it was all looking a bit too clean so I started bashing it up a bit with some weathering! I wanted to retain that classic wargaming look of highlighted edges but wanted it to look a bit battered and bruised like it's in the middle of a campaign. I took techniques I used on my RX and my Garbaldy and also techniques I used to paint my Deathwing Terminators.

The first thing is to panel line/ grime. I've given up on oil paint for my builds, it takes too long to dry and I always mess the mix up. I now use AK Streaking Grime. It's enamel based I believe. You just slap it on, and when it's dry you can rub off the excess with cotton buds and kitchen roll - but thing I love about it is that it leaves some of the residue behind to give a slight post shading effect, and if you wipe in a directional manner, you get these subtle streaks that add a really nice tonal variation to the surface. Streaking Grime is a browny colour, so I'm going to try and get hold of some different colours to experiment with on other builds.

It looks fantastic when used on top of the Leadbelcher that I've painted the internal frame with. One thing to note is that it does attack acrylic paint a bit (only happened on my metallics, though), so if you don't topcoat the metallic parts first the paint can start coming off. Which can actually look quite cool sometimes so it's not such a problem for me, especially as I am edge highlighting everything.

After that is a bit of post shading using Tamiya Smoke to get burn marks on the weapons and knock some depth into some of the panels. I was vry sparing with the shading with this kit though, as I wanted to retain the vividness of the colours.

Once it's all grimey and post shaded, I start painting on chips in high wear areas with AK Chipping Colour (see my RX Tutorial). This is easy to get wrong, and this time round I have been modest with my use of chipping on this kit. Bit thin on the ground with pictures at this stage, I was so keen to finish I just got my head down and cracked on with it!

After that, I started edge highlighting. I think the cream colour is highlighted using one stage of Rackearth Flesh, the scarlet with just normal Blood Red, and the internal frame is highlighted with Mythril Silver. I'm not too fussed about being neat with the internal frame because the highlights look like chips and dinks in the metal. With the armour, I'm highlighting around the chips and metal trim to create depth and pop the panel from the trim.

The brass trim is painted with Devlan Mud ink (it's not called this any more) and highlighted using a 60/40 mix of Mythril Silver and Runic Brass. The Warplock Bronze was highlighted using Runic Brass. There really is no secret to edge highlighting - you just need a steady hand and good control of the paint!

Next stage is AK Rust Streaks, used modestly so as to not cover up all my highlighting! See my Garbaldy tutorial for this.

And there you have it! All that's left to do is blow some dust over the base and get some details painted into it. Once I've done that I'll do a proper photo shoot as per my other kits. Stay tuned!

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