Necron Army Progress Part 1 - Canoptek Harvest

I started these a while back and I've been taking loads of photos for Instagram but I never got round to compiling them all together and showing my progress. I went through all of my photos and put them into categories - turns out I've taken over 150 progress pictures without really realising! 

So, here we go. Here's what I ended up buying. I've started off with a 1000pts force to get me up and running. 1000pt games are really fun and they don't take too long so it's a good way to learn the rules.

I assembled the most of the models pretty quickly (ready for battle unpainted!) and then started painting the Canoptek Spyder and the Wraiths, so that'll be the focus of the first post.  I was sort of doing the Overlord and Immortals at the same time (ish) but I'll do that as a separate post.

So here's the models basecoated in black (below). No conversions or anything like that, I just want a nicely painted force to play games with. When I've converted stuff in the past, I've never got it onto the tabletop as a finished piece! (Also, I'm finishing off some current projects and then giving models a rest for a bit to work on an illustration portfolio, but more on that later).

I've opted for a simple colour scheme to get them painted quickly and I'm giving them that 'just emerged from the dirt' look. I start by doing a preshade of Tamiya Flat Earth and then follow up with a strong coat of white. It might look like the Flat Earth coat is unnecessary but I really don't like painting white straight on to black, it ends up looking a bit cold and transparent I find. It's all about the layering! 

Then I hand paint the other colours, because screw masking. I can get the Citadel Leadbelcher painted on super super fast in one or two coats using a big brush and then use a small brush for the details in Warplock Bronze and Sotek Green.

After that, it's a coat of the good old faithful AK Streaking Grime. I won't do another army without this stuff, it creates such a good effect and is so quick! Just slosh it on and wipe it off after a couple of hours. They get lovely variations in tone and lots of nice depth in the recesses. The metallics look fantastic after this step. After this is Lifecolour Dark Rust for rust spots (not pictured, sorry!)

At this point I could touch up the turquoise, base them and finish to get them tabletop standard, but as these are some of the bigger models in the army I will continue to the highlighting stage. I highlight the metallics with Ironbreaker, the armour panels with White Scar, and the Sotek Green with Templeguard Blue. 

I'm basing all of these using the Citadel texture paints as they're super easy to use and they don't come off when you paint over them. I airbrush with Flat Earth (allowing some paint to go up the legs of the model to simulate dust), drybrush with a highlight colour and finish off with ArmyPainter Highland Tufts. Here's the Spyder finished. 

Here is how the the wraith is coming along. Nearly done on him, then two more to highlight! 

Stay tuned for Part Two - Overlord & Immortals.

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