Necron Army Progress Part 2 - Overlord & Immortals

Here's where I'm at with my Overlord and Immortals. I'm grouping them together in this post because I painted them around the same time. I've got a Doomsday Ark, Warriors and some Tomb Blades on the go, as well as some Deathmarks which puts the force comfortably around 1250 points with gear, which I probably won't exceed.

So the same process as before (again, if you don't highlight, it really is such a quick process.) I'm highlighting these guys because they're such cool models, and it's really worth pushing the paint job a bit.

So I started building them at the same time. With stuff like this I'll just assemble the whole model (except for the Overlords cape, which is currently secured with Blu-Tac), can't be doing with fiddly separate parts, plus you can damage the paint job when you glue after painting.

I undercoat all my troops stuck to these MDF sticks using upside down masking tape. This gets them done quickly. Then on to the Tamiya Flat Earth and White base colours as before (see here for Wraith and Spyder WIP). 

Then I hand paint the Leadbelcher and details. This immortal was the one I used to test the scheme for the whole army (just tried one to start off with luckily) I went for this orange colour and really didn't like it, so changed to the turquoise which works a lot better.

Then it's the grime coat (AK Streaking Grime, it really is magic stuff) on everything. The Overlord shows the grime coat dry and ready to wipe off. I messed up the Immortals by leaving the grime on overnight and it was a pain to get off. I used lots of the Lifecolour rust paint to cover up the mistakes, but they still look slightly off compared to the rest of the army. Most annoying! 

At the moment they're all based (not pictured) and tabletop ready. It's taking approximately 1.5 hours to highlight each one, so they won't be finished for a while I think! The Overlord is finished and Highlighted.

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