Warlord Titan WIP1

So I got hold of one of these second hand, I left it for a while but I decided to start putting it together. I'm actually doing loads of creative stuff at the moment, but it never seems to make it to the Blog for some reason! I think I'm getting a bit lazy. Gotta snap out of it.

As with all resin kits I've worked on, there was lots of cleaning up left to do, and some parts I had to use a hair dryer to warp back into shape. Saying that, overall the cast is VERY good. Though you'd expect nothing less for the price!

As with all resin, the kit needed de-greasing. I then started the process of pinning all of the main parts together (I'll leave the small parts like pistons and hull mounted weapons until last.)

I started with the feet, to provide a solid base, and then worked my way through with the internal structure of the legs before starting to pin the panelling on. It was a bit of a pain in the arse getting the pose right. I ended up using a spray can that was just the right height to support the pelvis whilst I worked out what I wanted the legs to do. With something so big and heavy, it was a bit tricky to mock up the pose before gluing. I ended up drilling small holes and using a pinning system to decide what angles the knees needed to be. I then used a two part epoxy resin (Araldyte Rapid in this case) to glue the joints and pins in place. Superglue just does not cut it on something this big, I wouldn't recommend it personally!

The hull sits nicely on the pelvis. It was a bit difficult to assemble because you have to get everything aligned properly for other parts to fit on it, but after a few adjustments I got it right. G - clamps are your friend! I simply could not have done this build without clamps.

I've put the head looking slightly to the left to counteract the pivot of the waist to the right that I've got. It doesn't line up with the secondary cowl above which I wasn't sure about at first but it doesn't make sense that he'd be walking forward and looking right not pointing his weapon at anything. I'm so sick of seeing Warlord Titan builds just standing there statically. These are such incredible models, I wanted to make sure I made the most out of mine. He's striding forward with determination.

I decided to dispense with the left arm cannon in favour of the new Warlord Titan power fist that Forge World just released. I always see these models with those stupid big shoulder cannons and two identical arm cannons and I just don't think they look very good. I've also gone for the shoulder mounted missile pods as I think they're just more aesthetically pleasing.

I'll be painting mine in the same scheme as my Knights because it worked so well before and it'll make them all sit together nicely. Along with the power fist I bought the Titan transfer sheet for when I paint it. Next up is getting all the little parts glued on, then filling and a bit of sanding! Stay tuned.

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